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Welcome to kpiBooks Publishing: We inspires your GEM through quality books & ebooks

kpiBooks Publishing: We inspires your GEM through quality books & ebooks
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About kpInspirationals

Posted By: Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals          226 Views         (July 3, 2017 12:00 am)

 About kpInspirationals

Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals (A.K.A kpInspirationals) is a business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

While there are many media and publishing houses in Nigeria; kpInspirationals came with a strong vision to build an Africa-Leading Publishing company in Nigeria.

The organization was founded in 2011 by Gboyega Adedeji, a young and passionate Nigerian; whose passion for sharing wisdom in writing is evident to all. He has been looked down by many platforms and publishing outfits across the world. Who then decided to create platform for others to share their own inspirations with little or no conditions. So far, he was written over 10 books and at least 10 are published by kpInspirationals.

So far, kpInspirationals has by the help of God published 15 books – from Life to Marriage, Ministry, and Business.



Published books by kpInspirationals includes:

  1. The 17 Success Partners
  2. Life Development Handbook
  3. The Major Baton Transferred
  4. You Are A Prophecy To Be Fulfilled
  5. The Battle of Destination
  6. The Structural Disorderliness and The Destiny of the Church
  7. Strategic Living: A Life Guide for Effective Living
  8. Stairs of Destiny
  9. The Marriage Covenant
  10. The Journey of Discipleship
  11. The Power to Live Your Best Life
  12. Web Strategy Secrets for Small Business
  13. Recovering Your Dominion
  14. Marriageology
  15. ?

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About kpInspirationals
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kpiBooks Publishing

kpiBooks Publishing is the publishing unit of Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals. A media organization that is into electronic and print publishing for the growth, effectiveness and maturity of the saints and the sent of Christ Jesus

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