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Joint Heirs Publications Nigeria Limited is housed in its own purpose build four storey plaza, situated un a serene environment section of the Ancient city of Benin Kingdom, Edo State, Nigeria

Based in Benin city, the Mid-Western part of Nigeria, Joint Heirs Publications Nigeria Limited is one of the foremost printing and publishing company in the most populous country in Africa. Since its foundation in 1992, Joint Heirs Publications has dedicated its activities to initiating new innovations into printing and publishing industry in this part of the world. From the onset, our desire was set on fire to raise the printing and publishing business to a very high standard of what is obtainable anywhere in the world. This quest has paid off, because it has been acknowledged nationwide both in the public and private sectors that Joint Heirs Publications has been a powerful instrument in making visible changes in printing and publishing industry in the nation Nigeria and in the Sub -West African region.

Quality of our products has become the measuring stick and benchmark for both existing and upcoming companies in the industry. We have earned a lot of accolades from several outstanding organizations in the nation and that includes the host government which name the street we are located after our company’s name.

Joint Heirs Publications has been keeping its reputation and maintaining its rapid growth over the years. We are more determined now to adhere to a continuous, non-stop improvement culture in our products, services and to work closely with new printing partners in the printing-machine making industry for a win-win in this aggressive and competitive market.



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