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  • The Journey of Discipleship: Following The Right Footstep
    The Journey of...

    This is not just another book about discipleship. It is a book the Holy...

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  • Stairs of Destiny: Moving On to Glory On The Earth
    Stairs of Destiny:...

    Life is widely described among other things as a journey, and being a...

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Explore a collection of our printed softcover and hardcover books and the latest inspiring published books of Nigerian Authors across the country on kpiBooks. Shop affordable books from life development, leadership, church growth, business development and Christian Service.

  • Business Development

    Find inspiring, transforming, challenging and instructive business development  books on kpiBooks. Learn how to start, grow and expand your business opportunities and ideas. Discover how to finance and market your business from our collections of books.

  • Life Development

    Explore a collection of books on kpiBooks that can help you to develop every segment of your life, for your own effectiveness on the earth.

  • Leadership Development

    Find inspiring, transforming, challenging and instructive leadership development and leadership deployment books on kpiBooks. Discover your leadership potentials, develop yourself as a leader with books from leadership experts across the world.

  • Ministry Development

    Find inspiring books on Ministry Gifts, Church Growth, Evangelism, Church History, Prophetic ministry and Church Administration on kpiBooks.

  • Relationship Development

    Find inspiring, transforming, challenging and instructive relationship development  books on kpiBooks. Learn how to relate with people, how to influence people, how to become one with another and how to keep healthy relationship among others our collections of books.

  • Teens & Children Books

    Find inspiring, transforming, challenging and instructive books for Teens and Children on kpiBooks.

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    Find books here that cannot really be categorized into any major category. They are general interest books on kpiBooks.com.ng

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    Find biographies and autobiographies of great men and women across the world here

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Showing 1 - 20 of 173 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 173 items